Philosophy of Cathy Evans HR

  • Meaningfully integrates corporate realities with human development
  • Accepts and recognises the importance of our uniqueness in organisational context
  • Recognises that development is an innate human possibility
  • Facilitates awareness of self and others by understanding & being in possession of our thinking, temperament and behaviours – these are levers for authentic, transformational leadership
  • Develops individual, team and organisational insights to knowingly enhance team dynamics and performance
  • Unconstrained by existing norms
  • Independent and connected
  • Appreciates complexity whilst driving high performance through simplicity
  • Serves a purpose greater than own self interest; develops the capacity to positively impact individuals, organisations and society


  • Purposeful
  • Mindful
  • Persevering
  • Inspiring
  • Nurturing
  • Strong
  • Unified
  • Appreciative
  • Characterful
  • Aware
  • Insightful

Style, ethos and approach

  • “All behavior is driven by self esteem” Will Schutz, “The Human Element” – has implications in every interaction within organisations every minute of every day that usually go unnoticed and unaddressed
  • Organisations are social systems that require constant attention, understanding, challenge and nurture
  • Commitment to human development that generates a sense of purpose bigger than oneself
  • Coaching is always contextually specific; appreciation of the environment and culture is the foundation to coaching
  • My systemic, integrated approach blends the character, temperament and personality of the coachee with the organisational reality within which they are expected to perform
  • I elicit deep insights, encourage the holding of paradoxical thinking, translating complex into simple
  • I encourage people to integrate their authenticity into the dynamics of their organisation to truly lead and transform from their character base
  • Learning to know ones self and read a room are critical competences for contemporary leaders who have to lead in remote, virtual, changing and ambiguous contexts

Qualifications, Accreditations & Experience

  • BA Honours degree
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP)
  • Range of psychometrics: FIRO B, Hogan, Hay ECI (EQ), MBTI Steps I and II
  • The Human Element: instrument in humanistic psychology – behaviours, feelings and self concept
  • Leadership Development Framework (LDF) – transformational leadership through action logics
  • Systems Thinking and Cybernetics – International Association of NLP
  • Introductory Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Counseling
  • 20 plus years working in leading organisations within HR and OD functions
  • Director level positions
  • Experience of all functions including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Sourcing, Technology, HR
  • A broad spectrum of sector experience
  • Pro bono coach and mentor