Eliciting Leadership Insights

Contemporary leaders

Future Leaders need to handle volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity more than ever before to:

  • Create themselves – they are not born or made
  • Be Mindful
  • Understand power and use it authentically
  • Be highly conscious & self aware, with ownership of their own development, awake to new ideas
  • Span boundaries, adapt, think strategically, discerning and challenging
  • Understand context and navigate it with flexibility & purpose
  • Have character and a sense of purpose bigger than themselves
  • Have highly developed cognitive, emotional and relational capabilities
  • Know that the best leaders are not well rounded, the best teams are well rounded

Contemporary, successful leaders

  • Understand thinking processes, temperaments and behaviours of themselves and others
  • Appreciate their own spike, recognising the subtle, non functional, contributions of others to handle unprecedented complexity
  • Understand organisational change and develop a range of approaches to identify, communicate, implement and evaluate
  • Craft a long term purpose for themselves and their business that demonstrates mental capacity, emotional capacity (and its regulation), and systemic change
  • Have a relentless drive for performance and build talent to deliver results through developing leadership capacity at a level that matches the level of sophisticated strategic intent
  • Have perceptual acuity, developed judgement & credibility, willing to entertain others viewpoints
  • Know and accept that they can’t do it all themselves! Empower and grow others for long term organisational success

   Success of the Leadership and success of the organisation are identical.
Leadership is at the core. (Torbert and Rooke)